Full Face Confinement Leather Hood - BDSM Fetish Mask

Full face confinement leather hood
Red FullFace Leather hood White FullFace Leather hood
Full Face Hood Leather Mask BDSM

A confining leather hood mask for the more experience bondage player to please your master or mistress. This FullFace leather hood has no eyes and no mouth but only a nose opening. The hood laces up in the back with a generous amount of lacing. This hood fits people with 21" to 23" of forehead. For special request of head size, just mention it. This is an excellent black leather hood made with carefull attention in soft and high quality leather to shape a very contoured fit It can be wear by men or women. This is an excellent breathtaking heavy leather hood. * Sizing: Using a tape, measure your head, just above the ears and eyebrows.
Color: Black, Red or White

Price: $95.00